Corona Virus

The World Health Organisation has declared Covid-19 a pandemic. Mumbai had two confirmed cases of the CoronaVirus yesterday. Travel has come to a halt and businesses worldwide are suffering losses. With the growing uncertainty, fear and panic has overtaken sense and sensibility. And as adults, we have to attempt to rein in the situation to the best of our capabilities and resources in hand.

Keeping the above in mind, BHIS Andheri had a session on flu prevention for our parents and teachers. Conducted by Dr. Amruta Shirodkar in association with Baby Chakra, the presentation was informative and the need of the hour. It is essential to know how we can take precautions against the spread of Covid 19. As our principal Ms Padma Negi said, “Now is not the time to panic but to educate one another and show restraint”.

Things to remember are simple like maintaining hygiene and not traveling at present, unless necessary. Also, flu is containable when treated immediately. So, in case you show symptoms, please head to a doctor pronto. All this and more are given below in the infographics. However, please remember to be mindful. Stocking up on tissues and sanitizers won’t keep you safe. Being conscious of your routine will. Every life is precious, so help one another, especially those who have no access to aid or proper information.

Also, beware of the WhatsApp University and don’t spread rumours. Verify any messages you receive before you blatantly share it with your address book. You have an obligation as a global citizen to combat this just as much as the world leaders.

Stay informed and stay safe. Together, we will tide this over.