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At Billabong High International School, Andheri, we understand that alpha generation lives in a fast-paced environment that could challenge to cope with for some. Hence, our qualified teachers have not only built a rapport with our students but also empathise with their physical and emotional transitions and mentor them accordingly.

We attempt to move away from conventional methods that focus on rote learning and memory. At Billabong High International School, Andheri, we seek a transdisciplinary approach that encourages students to bridge links between the knowledge and its application. Hence, we adopt an integrated curriculum in the Primary Years.

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Top primary schools in mumbai, andheri | Billabong High International School in Andheri

Theme based topics spanning over multiple subject areas are taught simultaneously, thus enabling students to correlate. Our teaching staff have a collection of about 130 comprehensive activities to choose from and sum up their lesson units. After a cycle of evaluation, students are identified and segregated into groups with the same level of potential. This approach makes it possible for teachers to reinforce each group by providing them with the needed support. In the primary years, we focus on non-cognitive skills just as much as cognitive skills.

Development of communication skills via public speaking is encouraged and improved through opportunities to share and present an idea in class. We believe that enhancing the core competencies and equipping the students with essential knowledge and tools to think. Our immersive environment at Billabong High International School, Andheri, offers rich and complex content-based learning that is highly engaging for the base years.

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