As deeply committed educators, we have to provide solution to our students for them to continue their learning and be occupied and productive in event of sudden closure of the school building due to unforeseen circumstances such as a pandemic, riots or war.

Our virtual teaching and learning provides the following:

  • Online Classroom solution for teachers and students to connect over video-enabled remote classrooms
  • Share screen, documents & presentations
  • Effective communication

Connecting with the School


A parent portal (APP) that bridges the gap between school and the parents, and foster effective communication between teachers and parents.

It is a ONE WAY communication/ broadcast Medium

Important information, assignments and worksheets are shared via this platform

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Billabox is envisioned to bring alive the curriculum and encourages students to navigate and practice.

It is for students in Grade 1 and above.

Students can access the resource material based on school curriculum through videos and online quizzes.

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An interactive learning and communications platform, the Skippy Tech app maps MI (Multiple Intelligence) skills embedded in curriculum and reinforces learning.

It is for students in Pre-school.

Students can access the resource material based on school curriculum through videos and online quizzes.

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ZOOM Meeting

This virtual platform helps educators get the message across with interactive features. Enhances the ability to teach remotely with powerful collaboration tools, including screen-sharing and whiteboard.

SCREEN-SHARING content, such as a document, image or chart, students can see exactly what is being referred to and avoids any confusion or misunderstanding.

WHITEBOARD Aids in easily mapping ideas on the online whiteboard and start a conversation with students, wherever they are located physically.

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Microsoft Outlook

Communication with various departments or personnel on their respective email ids.

  • Admission related queries:

    Ms. Savita Nair


  • Payment related details:

    Ms. Monika Vane


  • For admin related queries:

    Ms Savita Nair


  • Daily schedule related queries:

    Ms. Krutika Jani


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