student life at Billabong High International School

The Student Council is an organization of students, elected by the students, for the students. This experience provides students with the opportunity to practice leadership and citizenship. The Student Council is a forum for student expression and faculty-student interaction. It is set up at two levels - the Junior Student Council and the Senior Student Council. The student body and staff of the school elect council members.

Position Name of the student
Senior School Captain Mahek Kaphai
Junior School Captain Krishay Ranbhor
Discipline Head Anushree Seth
Cultural Head Ayushka Upadhyay
Senior Sports Captain Yash Desai
Junior Sports Captain Gaurav Duggar
Senior Equality House Captain Parth Sharma
Junior Equality House Captain Aaditya Gupte
Senior Freedom House Captain Rakshaa Vasishtha
Junior Freedom House Captain Hetshree Talekar
Senior Unity House Captain Krishaa Agrawal
Junior Unity House Captain Saashi Nair
Senior Peace House Captain Yash Seth
Junior Peace House Captain Nitya Godara

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