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Love Animals says PETA.

Written by BHIS Team

June 29, 2021

Most children naturally feel concern and affection for animals; thinking negatively of them is something they learn from society.  Through this session or education, we try to educate our children before frontiers in protecting animal rights, driving them to unlearn the carelessness society nourishes towards animals.  

The Compassionate Citizen program by PETA, a session in which we shared love for our animals and discussed them, helped our students with a new perspective. This session helped our children be aware and made sure not to hesitate in showing love towards animals. Ms. Puja Mahajan  (Associate Director of education -PETA) enlightened us with a few interesting facts and golden rules one should follow with animals. 

With such sessions, we hope to create a future in which animals, along with the environment and humans will be treated with kindness and respect

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