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Preschool marks the foundation years of education for student. Our curriculum is divided into age-appropriate monthly themes. The integrated and interdisciplinary learning system, along with engaging and hands-on activities, ensures that all our children are successful learners. All our activities & lesson plans are tailored to scientific brain-based principles, making learning a fun, creative, exploratory process resulting in the release of dopamine registering all concepts in the child’s long-term memory.

Parents keen on enrolling their children in our preschools often wonder and ask how Kangaroo Kids Preschool differs from other preschools in India. We are always happy to answer that question and assure parents that our preschool is based on the philosophy that children learn best when they are supported in their own unique learning styles, given a safe and happy environment. They blossom when they are nurtured by those who have their best interests at heart and use the most up-to-date methods.

International Preschool in Andheri - Billabong High International high school
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Our method is based on the latest brain research and pedagogy. It has been designed keeping in mind scientific brain-based principles on how the brain learns best. The first and most important scientific principle is based on ‘fun’ or high engagement and novelty. Scientists know that in the first five years of life are very important for building a child’s brain.

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Preschool- Gym Time 
December 1, 2022

Have you ever heard of a miniature gymnasium and tiny-tot bodybuilders? A lesson on the importance of health was accurately delivered and executed by the Preschool students who displayed some mean feats at the gym area with equipment that works on different parts of their body. They also practice keeping healthy when in class by […]

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