One of Best Preschool in Andheri - Billabong High International school


Preschool marks the foundation years of education for any child. It should be framed to oil the lamp of curiosity. Our curriculum at Billabong High International School, Andheri, is inclusive of experiential learning, accompanied by lateral thinking. We roll out our curriculum using an activity-based learning (ABL) method along with kinesthetic learning.

The Kangaroo Kids philosophy ensures that your child gets multiple opportunities to master various concepts, taught through art, music, play and experiential methods. Based on neuroscience research and adapted from some of the finest teaching systems internationally, the Kangaroo Kids curriculum is a unique programme and incorporates path-breaking brain research.

International Preschool in Andheri - Billabong High International high school
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At Billabong High International School, Andheri, we understand that new surroundings could pose to be a challenge. Hence, we endeavour to provide a home-like environment that nurtures and sustains every child, organically. Initially, we do allow one parent in the classroom during the adjustment period. Post that, we wean the child slowly and introduce them to the classroom atmosphere.

We set realistic expectations and always allow room for growth and change. What may work with one child will most definitely not do for another. Keeping that thought at the forefront, we work with positive reinforcements. We respect feelings, even those that don't fall in the norm of acceptable behaviour. However, we gently nudge the children to make better choices every day. Our toys and play area make for great tools to learn social behaviour and adapt to classroom etiquette.