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We at Billabong High International School, Andheri understand that choosing the right environment for your child can be a challenging decision to make. Our faculty is here to aid you through that process and ensure you are comfortable. Therefore, understanding the school’s philosophy and guidelines is of utmost importance. BHIS’s parent-student orientation program will assist you in understanding the school’s guidelines and the processes.



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We have an integrated curriculum pattern till Grade 4, post that we cater to 2 boards, namely CICSE (ICSE) and CAIE(IGCSE).

The teacher to student ratio for

PSY 1 and PSY 2 is 1:9 + one support staff

PSY 3 and PSY 4 is 1:12 + one support staff

Grade 1 to Grade 4 is 1:12 (Homeroom teacher and subject teacher)

Grade 5 to Grade 9 is 1:24

The fee structure and all the offerings can be discussed at length when you visit the premises.

Our teachers are not only qualified with B.Ed or equivalent but also trained for the international curriculum. Our teachers have a minimum experience of 3 years in teaching in a similar capacity.

2019-20 is our third academic year.

Our highest grade for the year 2019-20 is Grade 8. Every year we add on to that. We look forward to having Grade 12th soon.

The fee structure is inclusive of the cost of books, bag, admission fee, tuition fee, caution fee, SPA fee, cost of day field trips, guest lectures and miscellaneous expenses.

The medium of instruction is English. The other languages taught include Hindi, French and Marathi.

We come with the rich Billabong education legacy of 25 years. BHIS Andheri is a franchisee of the KKEL Group in Andheri West under the Praghat Shiksha Sanstha Trust. Currently, we have no branches.

Yes, you can. However, we'd appreciate it if the meeting is scheduled to be able to assist you better.

At BHIS Andheri, the safety and security of our students is of prime importance, and we always take utmost care to ensure the same. The entire premises are under CCTV 24x7 for constant monitoring. Our trained security team filter every visitor entering the school.
Outside vehicles aren’t allowed except school buses. No visitors are permitted beyond the lobby during school hours. Students are always monitored, even when in class. For younger students, the support staff are always around to help. The teachers, HODs and support staff accompany students during arrival and dispersal. Buses are lined up to ensure efficient traffic control. All our school buses always have a female attendant on board.
Regular fire drills are conducted to prepare the school in the unlikely event of a fire. Our school has a fully equipped wellness bay with a dedicated full-time nurse. In addition to that, our tie-ups with various medical camps offer regular dental and eye check-ups during school hours. Our experienced counsellor ensures physical and emotional security of children.