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Billabong High International School, Andheri, offers the IGCSE curriculum that has been recognised as one of the most in-demand international programmes, globally. The Cambridge IGCSE enables schools to build their curriculum to specific requirements, allowing for a variety of subjects with excellent training and resources. It focusses on creative thinking, problem-solving and enquiry and improves performance, prepping learners for further studies.

And since it takes into consideration different abilities of students, it offers a choice between the Core and Extended papers in some subjects.

The Core curriculum is within the ability range of a vast majority of students. It provides a full overview of the subject and is targeted at students expected to achieve grades C to G. The Extended curriculum has been designed for the more academically able. It is aimed at those expected to achieve grades A to E.

At the start of the programme, every learner chooses 5 core subject groups. The assessment that takes place at the end of the course includes oral, written, coursework and practical and is exam based. A Cambridge qualification comes with an impressive reputation and will keep its value for a lifetime of education and employment.

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Top 10 IGCSE board schools in Mumbai - Billabong High International School

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