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Pragat Shikshan Sanstha Trust

ICSE school in Andheri West , Mumbai

Written by QZ3gpvaWdRA6C

February 12, 2020

BHIS Andheri is an integral part of the Pragat Shikshan Sanstha Trust. And together, we believe that no matter the disparities in the world, the right to an open environment of knowledge and learning ought to be universal to every child. Keeping that aim in mind, yesterday, 100 children from Asha Kiran Charitable Trust came over to spend a day at BHIS Andheri. And what a delightful day it was. A huge shout out to our management for being our rock of Gibraltar.

Bright and shiny, they gathered for the morning assembly in the school lawns followed by the warm welcome curated by the students of BHIS Andheri. The students of Asha Kiran performed for us, too. And it was that precise moment where we truly believed that all childhoods should be encouraged to be the adults they want to be. The amount of talent on display left no doubt in our minds that we were witnessing the bright stars of tomorrow.

The students were then divided according to their age and fun activities like painting, singing and games followed. While football and basketball matches were great fun, it was the games of langdi and sankli that elicited the loudest number of cheers. Post a sumptuous breakfast, the students of Asha Kiran were on their way having made some new friends. Someday, their paths will cross again, and then these memories will serve as a great conversation starter. Glad we could do our bit, then.

How is your day looking?


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