Tea Party

International School in Andheri

Of course, there’s nothing quite like the British Tea Party, with etiquette and tea cosy on point. And who can forget the Mad-hatter’s tea party where everything and everyone was just the opposite of ‘propah’ . So, no we weren’t really the first ones to start this tradition and we surely won’t be the last but we had good fun, none the less.

Our playgroup parents were invited to a tea party last week. And boy, did we have a grand time. While the children learnt the do’s and don’ts of this social gathering, they also had a blast with all the fun activities thereafter. The teachers had action songs and the parents followed it up with a skit on none other than Peppa Pig. Happiness and sunshine faces made this a memorable event. And it’s events like these at BHIS Andheri that we live for.

Sigh, our little munchkins are growing up too fast but we’ll always have time for a tea party. ☕