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Green Guardians Culmination: A Multidisciplinary Showcase of Student Achievement

Written by BHIS Team

August 21, 2023

Our talented students at BHIS, Andheri organized an incredible Culmination event that showcased their hard work and creativity.

Hats off to our dedicated staff for their unwavering efforts, guided and supported by our esteemed Principal Mrs. Reetu Duggal, and our coordinator Mrs. Rakhee Dedhia.

The topic Green Guardians: Celebrating plants and their remarkable adaptations helped us learn about the simplicity of life in the Garhwal region though the characters of Binya and Bijju who are the protagonists of the story “The Blue Umbrella” in English Literature.

The script integrated the Maths topics of Integers and Bar graph and Adaptation lessons learned in the Science class. It was a beautiful correlation of different subjects connecting Dance as well as Music.

Students also learned about the Himalayas through the HINDI poem.
The concept of music was integrated through a graceful Garhwali folk dance.

With this, we ensured that students don’t compartmentalize topics as different subjects but see them with a broader perspective for holistic learning.

Take a glimpse into the unforgettable moments!

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