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Celebrating Independence Day with a burst of creativity and flavor!

Written by BHIS Team

August 26, 2023

Our primary kids engaged in an exciting Tri-Color Fruit Plate activity, showcasing their love for the nation and artistic talents. The kids were tasked with creating a tri-color fruit plate using a variety of fruits that represent the Indian flag’s colors: orange, green, and white.

Through this hands-on activity, the students not only had a blast arranging the fruits but also learned about the significance of the Indian flag’s colors – saffron representing courage and sacrifice, white symbolizing purity, and green symbolizing growth and harmony.

We couldn’t be prouder of their achievements! These young minds not only showcased their creativity but also embraced the values that make our nation great. Let’s celebrate their spirit and commitment to unity in diversity!

On this joyous occasion, the children of KKIS also came together to commemorate the freedom of our nation with enthusiasm and pride. They had tri-color sandwiches for snacks, symbolizing the colours of our flag. Activities done by little learners was making our Tri-colour flag by using the technique of paper tearing.

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