Billabong High International School | School In Andheri

Drop and Jump

Who says learning only happens in the classroom? At BHIS Andheri, our whole school is our classroom. With that in mind, we took our grade 6 students out in the front yard to learn some interesting Mathematics concepts. They had to jump, stop, move, take two steps, based on the instructions written on a mat […]

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Halloween Day at BHIS Andheri

Spooktacular Halloween Extravaganza at Preschool BHIS Andheri. What a spooktacular day it was!! Our little witches, vampires, ghosts, and monsters were dressed up beautifully and went trick-or-treating all around. They enjoyed playing Halloween games and engaged in some exciting craft activities. They were informed about the importance of this unique celebration through a beautiful video […]

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Celebrating the Vibrant Tapestry of Indian Festivals!

At BHIS Andheri, the parents and children of the Jr. kg class celebrated the Vibrant Tapestry of Indian Festivals! Let our young ones take you on a delightful journey through the rich and diverse festivals of India through skits and dance performance of various festivals such as Diwali, Onam, Baisakhi and Eid. The students also […]

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