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Fencing Achievement

Written by BHIS Team

December 29, 2022

Get your foils and sabers ready, because ladies and gentlemen our Fencing Conquerors are here! BHIS Andheri is proud of its champions! The DSO Interschool Fencing Competition was held on November 22, 2022, at Nalanda Academy in Borivali, and our fencing students won four gold, three silver, and two bronze medals. Our Grade 10 students Nidhish Dewoolkar, won two gold medals while Veer Parmar won a silver and a gold. This winner’s club wasn’t just mastered by the boys! Maananya Pandey and Sailee Nigalye from Grade 7 won a gold, a silver and a silver and bronze respectively. Our student Tanya Salian of Grade 9 also secured a bronze medal at this competition! Our fencing stars have surely shined and created a legacy for their comrades to follow!

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