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We are a franchisee of Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd. We were established in 2016 under the Pragat Shikshan Sanstha Trust. Our first academic year was 2017-2018. In less than three years we have received the dual certification of being both an ICSE and CAIE school. We have also been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards.

Ergo, we believe that the people employed by Billabong High International School, Andheri are its primary asset, and the training and development of these human resources is an essential investment strategy for individual and organisational success.

We provide a nurturing environment to further your career trajectory. If you believe that you can be one of the team, drop us a mail on, and we will get in touch.

Work Benefits

At Billabong High International School (BHIS) Andheri, we believe that our faculty is the firm foundation on whom we build this educational institution. Keeping that at the forefront, we deem it imperative to invest in their training, development and overall wellbeing as it contributes to the institutional success, holistically. The aim of the training and development program is:-

Identify the skill set and organise a periodic upgrade.

Accelerate the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities required for effective job performance.

Offer employees with ample career growth opportunities in alignment with the predetermined goals and strategies of BHIS Andheri.

Provide appropriate institutional advancement on successful completion of training levels and display of acquired skill set.

Every employee is a part of the organisation structure, ergo a part of the school ecosystem. For our teachers, in particular, regular observations form an intricate part of our internal assessments. We diligently conduct constructive feedback sessions to ensure quality standards are met.

Our periodic staff meetings serve as a meet for guidance and problem-solving. Workshops and trainings that include Team-Building exercises, classroom management skills, fitness and health, 21st-century skills like social media, and building on the school policies and procedures are often conducted to ensure our teachers are on par with their global counterparts.

Guest lectures from an intricate part of our school timeline as they offer newer perspectives to both students and faculty. Annual Appraisals, fun events, and celebrations keep the morale of the team boosted.

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