Dear Pooja Ma’am and Team, It’s been over a year that we have been visiting the school for various events starting from the small meet and greet organised for the students during the lockdown 2021 to the grand Jalsa’22 , with each passing event we are in awe of your dedication to make every event a great experience for not only for the kids but also the parents. We as parents are as excited as the kids to see what’s next! A very heartfelt appreciation to your teachers who be it online or offline have formed such an impressive bond with the kids. A special mention for Walrus class teachers Ms. Stuti and Ms. Hafsha who have gone beyond their duty and comforted our daughter in times of need, nothing is too trivial for them to address. As we watch our daughter navigate through her small little world with values and skills instilled by her teachers and school, we are beyond grateful. A big testament of your school ethos is seen when not only the class teachers but also grade teachers too are enthusiastically involved in their own little ways with Myra. When on weekends we hear angry complains from Myra about ‘why isn’t there school on Saturday & Sunday’ , All we can think of is how apt is the school anthem ‘….it’s the happiest place to be ... everyday I wake up and say mama I want to go to school.’ Kudos to you, your entire team and support staff for giving our daughter the perfect platform to grow and learn beyond the usual.. Wishing everyone at KKIS love, light and prosperity this festive season. Happy Diwali!

Rachita Patnaik

Respected Principal, It gives me immense satisfaction to know that my son Abir Kothari (Zebra Class) is a part of Kangaroo Kids Andheri under your Supervision. From the first time we met you (when we came to inspect the school) we were 100%  convinced that we will enroll Abir for Nursery. We were absolutely flabbergasted with your vibrant personality. And this same feeling was again instilled on the Annual Sports Day last weekend. You were on your feet the entire time, Leading from the Front. During our school days our Principal was either in the Air Conditioned Cabin or simply under the shade enjoying the Sports Day. I was absolutely enthralled to see you on the field all the time and with the amount of interest you took in each and every child right from applauding the winners to consoling the ones who felt dejected on not being able to come in the top 3. It was touching to see how you consoled the Sports Captain when he couldn't render his best in the Hurdle Race. I also thank Ms. Shivangi and Ms. Annette for I see my son blooming both academically and personally. I couldn't ask for anything better. Being an Ex- Utpal Sanghvi Student I was contemplating to secure his admission there for Schooling but from the time Abir has joined KKIS and after interacting with Ms. Shivangi and seeing your Leadership Skills and Flamboyant persona I will be most happy to continue with KKIS and BHIS. I congratulate You, the Teachers and the entire Staff for the Awards and Accolades that the school has received in the recent past. You'll truly deserve it.  Keep it Up!! Kindly apologise for the uneven flow of the mail as this was not pre-meditated and is coming straight from our hearts.

Anshul S Kothari & Beliza Zuzarte.

Dear Pooja Ma'am, Our daughter Hiiyaa Shah is studying in PSY-4 Lion Class. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our special teachers Preesha Miss & Renu Miss. Maam, This is our first year in your school and let me share a few insights with you. We joined the school this year and before our daughter could join the school and make friends, lockdown happened. Due to which my daughter was not only missing her old school friends but was also going through the experience of Online school rather than actual school. The whole experience was new to everyone and had its own challenges for children as well as teachers. But thankfully due to these wonderful teachers who not only had to make children focus but also help them learn new things. Also not to forget, once you are at home, invariably your own family starts expecting as they see you at home. But our teachers always with their ever smiling and warmness greeted the children and supported them.  This time they were not just under the watchful eyes of their own like yourself, but even to some extent parents as well, as they were also part of the whole ecosystem. I would also like to share that recently on 23rd Sept I lost my father-in-law and for a few days we had not informed Hiiyaa about the same, as she was very much attached to my father-in-law. When we told her, she was feeling very low, and while learning (N in Hindi) she said Nana and was sad. Even at this event our teachers Preesha Miss and Renu Miss took notice of and spoke to us during open house that Y from the last few days Hiiyaa is quiet. This shows how much care these teachers are showering on our children and how well they take care of our kids. Today I am glad that my daughter is not only loving the school and enjoying her new way of learning. She has also made friends, thanks to the efforts of our teachers. I am also aware that your kind self as well as Principal Maam, visits the class and helps and motivates the kids on a regular basis. This is our small effort in thanking these wonderful teachers Preesha Miss and Renu Miss for your lots of motivation and support to our kids.

Nishita & Jiten Shah

Dear Madam, It has been an interesting year for all of us. Although the current events could have never been predicted, we know that teaching has an element of unpredictability to it. The current circumstances present many challenges, but the school has adopted ways to impart knowledge in the best possible way. I, therefore appreciate every effort taken by you as a principal, teachers and every staff member who have contributed to making education possible with such simplicity and creativity. It is commendable to see your teachers handle the class so patiently and kindly inspite of the unacceptable situation the children put them into. We applaud you and promise to extend every support possible as a parent. Thank you.

Bandana Sharma (Parent of Vivaan Sharma, grade 2)

Dear Ms Padma and Ms Sukaina, These are unprecedented times and the way BHIS supported our kids and kept the curriculum going for this year is applaudable. I wanted to Thank you. At the same time, I specially want to appreciate Ms Madhvi, Grade 3 B Maths teacher for making Maths so much fun and interesting for kids. Since we also get to see teachers through zoom I am extremely impressed with how she makes difficult concepts fun and engaging. I wish she was my Maths teacher too :) :) Also would appreciate Ms Dhwani, Eng Lit teacher for engaging kids in Chocolate factory story as the story is fun too. Please do pass my gestures and heart felt message to these teachers. Thank you again.

Parul (Aashman’s Mom, Grade 3 B)

Dear Ms. Sukaina, At the outset, I would like to express my appreciation for all the hard work done by the teachers in making the culmination of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory a great success. The extra efforts put in by the teachers and students after their school hours are commendable. I would like to thank all the teachers especially Ms. Prerna for ensuring that the students have rehearsed their roles to the core. At these difficult times too the school is encouraging its students to participate in different activities which helps boost their confidence. I can vouch this for my son Yash. At the end I pray and hope that the children are able to join their school soon which is actually their second home and a place where their future is nurtured. Regards

Kiran Lalwani

Dear Ms Padma, Thank you for a such a wonderful experience for the kids by doing online studies. In the initial days we all will go through these challenges of getting used to the system and internet but I m sure you n your team will definitely overcome them. Kids were so bored n stressed at home with the entire situation. But meeting their teachers friends and studies have now made them feel good and ease. A new hope and new way. Way to go BHIS team and we are there to support you in all situations. Thanks and regards.

Neeti Lobo

Grade 7 parents have requested that I thank you and the school authorities for all the efforts taken during the pandemic for the smooth functioning of online school. As we parents are aware many big schools are still struggling with online schooling but we have had a smooth experience so far. Teachers are trying their best. They surely deserve a mail of appreciation. Once again a huge thank you and Appreciate all the efforts put in by school for online classes and also delivering the school kit. Best regards on behalf of grade 7 parents.

Neeta Lingeria

Respected Ma'am, I am pleased to inform you that the new class teacher and math/physics teacher is a great addition to Billabongs already exemplary and prospering teachers. Aditya sir is both admired and respected. He is not only a great math/physics teacher with astonishing skills at both subjects but is also a wonderful class teacher who understands and motivates children to push their limits and become better at whatever they want to accomplish. In just a few weeks Aditya sir has formed a unique and amazing bond with the children making them comfortable and supported. We the parents of the children of grade 8 truly adore Aditya sir. Yours sincerely,

Harpreet Kaur

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