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Halloween 2018

Written by BHIS Team

October 31, 2018

31st October is synonymous with Halloween the world over. Did you know that Halloween dates back to the Celtic festival of Samhain where people lit bonfires and wore costumes to ward off evil? Over the years, it has taken a festive fervour where people decorate their homes and play dress up.

BHIS Andheri wanted in on the festivities, too but one day seemed too little fun. So, we decided to have three days of spookiness.

Day One was dedicated to an inter-house Spooky Performance where our students put up skits that involved all the ghosts and goblins of the world. Right from a talent contest for the ghosts to the perfect ghost diet, there was a ghost everywhere.

Day Two comprised of decorating the classrooms and school premises and it brought out the pranksters in our teachers more than anyone else. The didis and bhaiyas, too, seemed so eager to get onto the bandwagon. If you happened to visit the campus, you would have known the effort that went into pulling this off.

Day Three was the most awaited day as it was dress-up time. Students and teachers marched into school dressed as their favourite Halloween Character, and there were giggles and gasps as we marvelled at the meticulous costumes.

Three days of uninterrupted fun and we still wanted more. Well, for now, all our scary decorations are tucked in until next year. It’s time to prepare for the festival of lights. Life at BHIS Andheri seems like one big party, no?

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