Culminating Activity

International School in Andheri

Our culminating activities are a welcome breath of fresh air, always offering a new perspective. This time, too, we had our Grades 5 to 8 do a fabulous skit on water. Yes, water the live-giving source on earth, and yet one that we take for granted so very often.

Did you know that even though the earth is covered by 97% water bodies, only approximately 2.75% of that is fresh water. Also, less than 0.01% of that is surface water. So, if this does not tell you how precious a commodity water is, then nothing can.

Now imagine the wastage that happens.

Every leaking pipe and faucet only adds to this global crisis. And that is what our students stressed upon in their presentation. They put up a dance and a short skit speaking about how water conservation was the need of the hour and what steps we could take to ensure we use this resource with utmost care and responsibility.

What steps do you take to save water in your home?