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6 Things Parents Should Keep In Check While Raising A Child

Written by BHIS Team

August 30, 2021

Parents are always judged and label as “good parents” or “bad parents” depending upon they
handle a situation. But the truth is all parents are imperfect in one way or another. No one gets
it right all the time. The focus should be diverted to becoming effective parents who take care of
their children, try their best, and look for help when they need it. Here are some important
“Don’ts” for parents while raising a child:

Not trying to Resolve Problems

Parents sometimes think that certain problems can’t be fixed or simply are quick to accept them.
Problems like bedtime fights, irregular sleep, or regular tantrums and behavior issues in older
children need attention. You may need some through books, websites, or people, that can help
guide you. Reach out to your pediatrician and health professionals for difficult or persistent

Being Inconsistent

Your inconsistent behavior might affect your children. If you are sometimes very strict, but
lenient other times or simply remain aloof about what your kids are doing, they might have a
hard time understanding what is expected of them and how to act.

Having Unrealistic Hopes

Your unrealistic expectations around what your kids should be doing can create problems.
Parents often get frustrated or impatient with a 5/6-year-old for low grades, longer playtime, or
with a moody teenager. Ensure that your expectations align with your kids are developmental

Not Having Rules or Setting Limits

Parents often think that not setting any rules for their kids makes them ‘good’ parents. But
setting limits might actually work well for younger. Having rules, setting limits, consistent
routines, and offering limited choices will help your child understand and expect what is there on
a daily routine.

Screaming or Yelling

Parents who habitually scream and yell at their child is often suffering from deep frustration and
exhaustion. Losing your temper might result in negative behavioral changes in your child.

Being overprotective

Being protective of their children is natural for parents. But parents should be mindful to give
enough space to their children to grow and learn on their own. If parents always jump in too
quickly to solve their child’s problem, the child will never learn to do anything on his own. The
child might learn to avoid or shun any dangerous or negative situations or approach them with
great fear


Give your kids the freedom to be kids and spill food and fall down, cry and lose things every
now and then. Try to listen to them and their problems instead of ignoring their say. A happy
child grows on to become a healthy, successful, balanced adult.

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