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Happy Holi – 2020

ICSE School in Andheri

Written by QZ3gpvaWdRA6C

March 9, 2020

One heralds spring and the other celebrates those who do all with a spring in their step. So, when dual celebrations of Holi and Women’s day beckoned, we celebrated them together, the BHIS Andheri way.

Yes, we are aware of the looming threat of social gatherings and we assure you this was an intimate gathering of people who celebrated responsibly. We didn’t have our usual Holi parties for kids, either but did wish them with a dash of colors. And boy were they surprised!

Holi was marked with fun, frolic and heartfelt greetings for one another followed by some good ol’ rang barse snacks. For women’s day, we told every woman she was enough and gave her a little reminder that there is no one quite like her. Of all things personal, our name defines us the most. So, live up to be who you are, ladies, and remember to lift each other. The true essence of womanhood lies in having each other’s back and not going behind it. And gentlemen, remember to acknowledge their contribution to becoming who you are.

Together, team BHIS Andheri wishes you the spectacular colors of Spring. Happy Holi! And we hope you celebrate the women in your life, everyday.


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