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Assembly on Gratitude and Appreciation

Written by BHIS Team

August 31, 2023

The class of 4D prepared an assembly on Gratitude and Appreciation; “It is not joy that makes us grateful but gratitude that makes us joyful.” These two words become the foundation on which a student builds their own personality. Being grateful is incomplete without appreciating the smallest parts of our life.

The students of 4D started the assembly with auspicious prayer and beautiful thoughts of the day. A few words were then shared by our coordinator Ms. Rakhee and our prestigious principal Mrs. Reetu Duggal.

The skit that was prepared showed parallel worlds wherein on one hand a girl was shown being appreciative to others and being grateful for the smallest things in her life. Whereas, on the other hand, another girl was seen being ungrateful towards everything around her.

We ended the assembly with the students performing the song “Thankful” by Jukebox Juicebox.

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