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Sports at BHIS

Being a Sport

At Billabong High International School, Andheri, we understand that in the present it is not only about academics but also extra-curricular activities. Keeping that in mind, we provide a range of SPA (Sports and Performing Arts) activities both during and after school hours. We encourage our students to participate at all level competitions and are happy to see our students excel and achieve new milestones.


Our students made us proud at the 15th Open District Taekwondo Championship organized by The Gurukul Taekwondo Academy at Kandivali on January 27, 2019. Our girls, Safa Khan and Rimsha Shah, got the gold and silver in Poomsae. Our girls also excelled in Kyorugi. Rimsha Shah and Safa Khan got the silver medal each while Shifa Khan brought home the bronze. Devansh Mishra bagged the bronze in the boys Kyorugi.


It gives us immense pleasure to announce the stellar performances by our students, siblings Kereena and Grrishma Seth at the Mayor Fencing Competition, 2019. Both the girls excelled in the 'Under 10' category in this prestigious event. While our Grade 5 student, Kereena Seth picked a Silver (Saber) and Bronze (Epee), her younger sister, Grade 3 student Grrishma Seth scored a Silver (Epee), too. Kereena was also awarded the best player in the Under 10 girls category.


This Afro Brazilian martial art is a favourite sport with our students as it combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. As it was developed by enslaved Africans in Brazil at the beginning of the 16th century, song and dance form a strong backdrop to its complex manoeuvres. Our students know most songs and love to display their skills in class.


Our students love the gymnastics class. Apart from building their strength, agility, and flexibility, it also improves their coordination and endurance. It takes effort to make it look effortless, and discipline gets them there. We are hoping to have our students participate in competitive gymnastics, soon.


Billabong Andheri, in its second year, is setting high benchmarks in various educational avenues. Sports and Performing Arts are high on that agenda because we believe that every student has an innate talent that must be nurtured. We encourage competitive events, and Athletics forms the base of all spring and team races. The Annual Sports Day was an extension of that holistic vision and we owe it to our students, parents, and faculty who support our endeavor to beer our One of best, every me.


We believe fitness is a state of mind and should be encouraged since childhood. Fatigue can set in and give way to lethargy which could be the start of many illnesses. Fitness is all about adopting the right lifestyle and at Billabong School Andheri West, it is the way of life.


Yoga In Sanskrit, Yoga means to join, and this ancient Indian science connects the body, mind and soul, holistically. Swami Vivekananda introduced Yoga to the world in his lecture, in 1893, at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. Since then, Yoga has become India's gift to the world. At One of best ICSE & IGCSE School in Andheri, we recognise this treasure and include it in our daily lives.


Our BHIS Andheri Kabadians made their debut at the Star Sports KBD Juniors League they put up a good fight but sometimes, the challenge is greater than the preparation. Our team heads full steam to work on their form and improve their game At Billabong School Andheri West, we insist on fair play, and more importantly on accepting the lesson from failure.


Our budding basketball players are taking leaps strides to become a formidable team. We believe in preparation, and hence our coaches are busy molding our students to play to One of best of their capacities.


Our upcoming indoor football turf is modern in outlook and utilitarian in its application. It promises to be a favourite with the boys and girls for its unique design and ease of access. Our terrace football turf is crafted with quality artificial grass and well-cared nets and is an ideal space to practice along with offering a bird's eye view.

Table Tennis

TT Is a quick goto sport at BHI Andheri. A Game over a lunch break or during SPA is how it goes. Scores are kept and teams reformed. Of Course, motor skills are being polished all over a game of ping pong, just like the old times. Somethings never change.


This table Top game has always been a country favourite. And it was given that it would be on the Billabong Andheri SPA list. Other than chess, carrom is a game of wits and marksmanship. Played in singles and doubles, this four-person game has many takers s at Andheri. We have fierce inter-house competitions that say it all.


Swimming is one sport that requires the entire body strength to navigate the water. Hence, at BHIS Andheri, we offer it as part of our curated SPA choices. Our upcoming indoor swimming pools is confined in a safe environment to provide privacy and security. Complete with state of the art safety measures, we've ensured that each child learns the sport comfortably, at his or her own pace, under the watchful eyes of a well-trained coach.

Table Soccer

It is the most sought after table at BHIS Andheri for our students, both boys and girls alike. Foosball or table soccer is quickly becoming a competitive sport, one that we hope to send our students.