BHIS Andheri is a school with an ideal infrastructure to support international curriculum. We are engaged into molding Global citizens. The spacious infra is an add on for us that supports 2 play grounds for sports lovers, a separate gym area for toddlers and technologically driven smart classrooms.


We support our students and staff with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our spacious classrooms of 18’ x 23’ with approx. 425 Sq.Ft. area each are equipped with smart boards and ergonomically designed furniture to make the learning experience joyful and comfortable.


The learning environment can have a great impact on teaching and learning, yet the design of science spaces in schools is often overlooked in the planning stages. At Billabong High International School, Andheri, science laboratories are well designed by a team of Architects & Designers with workplace with design concepts to modernize learning environment.


Billabong High International School, Andheri is well equipped with a Robotics Lab which is integrated with the academic structure, comprising of advanced robots which can be used in experiments by the students in a comfortable school environment. Its aim is to enhance the technological aspect brings the changes into the students such as critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making and hand motor coordination.


Music helps develop language and reasoning. It also promotes craftsmanship. At BHIS Andheri, our music rooms are equipped with various musical instruments that help bring out the little Mozarts in them.


Billabong High International School, Andheri, provides many children with their first chance to use and enjoy a library. The well-designed library of 1,800 Sq.Ft. is a welcoming place for study and reading with over 1000 books for varied age groups. The school library is to support the students by providing access to current, adequate and appropriate information resources.


The school operates a medical facility with a well-equipped sickbay, staffed by a CPR certified nurse who is available during school hours. Required first aid and immediate medical attention is provided by the school during working hours so that urgent attention to illness or injury is available to students at all times. If necessary, students are referred to the nearest medical center.


The International curriculum implemented in our school will focus on not a national but a global perspective. bringing India and the world together. SPA (Sports and Performing Arts) is an integral part of the Billabong curriculum. Our 8,000 Sq.Ft.a best-in-class indoor and outdoor sports area of 15,500 Sq.Ft. Where we will offer Football, Cricket, Basketball Court, fencing and a Running Track.


Each Classroom is equipped with audio-visual learning. With screens and projectors installed in every classroom, we ensure that our students get experiential learning.


Billabong High International School has art room where our students learn to communicate feelings and emotions through art. They learn to identify various shapes, sizes, patterns and designs.


Billabong High International School, Andheri has a cafeteria where we teach our students sharing and kindness.