Mr. Jitendra Dewoolkar

I truly believe in John Ruskin’s words when he quotes:
When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece’ on this note, I have set up the canvas and masterpieces are in the making.

Billabong High International School (BHIS), Andheri, collaborates lateral thinking and logical reasoning as a part of its teaching methodology. A holistic approach, positive encouraging and balanced exposure is all it needs to build self-reliant, confident individuals.


What should be the ideal aim of a preschool curriculum?

Preschool marks the foundation years of education for any child. It should be framed to oil the lamp of curiosity. Our curriculum at BHIS-Andheri is inclusive of experiential learning accompanied by lateral thinking. We roll out our curriculum using activity-based learning (ABL) method along with kinesthetic learning.

What are the teaching methodologies followed in your preschool? How is it helping skill-building in a child?

Kinesthetic approach learning, activity-based learning, audio-visual-based learning, experiential learning play-way methodology, integrated education pattern, story-telling, guest lectures, field trips for hands-on experience are some of the theories that frame our curriculum methodology.

How does a preschool ensure safety and security of each child?

CCTVs are installed. 97% of staff comprises lady teachers, a CPR-certified nurse and an experienced counsellor who ensures physical and emotional security of children.

What is your advice for parents looking for a pre-school?

Parents usually prefer a one-time admission procedure school and not a school that makes their children successful inside-out. Parents should focus on schools that have teachers who can analyze the child’s potential and let it prosper. We give exposure to our children for all SPA activities so they can have family time once they reach home.