Parent and school relationships at BHIS, Andheri

Billabong High International School, Andheri, works on a three-prong strategy between students, teachers, and parents. We understand that a healthy triangular relationship will propel the students’ trajectory. And hence, all communication channels with the parents are open at all times. Our active PTA does a fabulous job of being a link between the school and the parents for all things essential.

Parent programs like football and volleyball matches, workshops, and teaching days build a stronger bond. Our in house programmes like Jalsa, Tech-Fest, and Alliterate also saw parents participating in large numbers.

Parent Teacher Meet
  • There will be 5 Parent Teacher Meetings in a year. The first one being the introductory Parent teacher meet and following four meeting will be for the four volumes conducted in an academic year.
  • It is mandatory for the Parents to attend these PTMs as per the schedule given. Parents will not be given alternate dates for the meeting as the dates are shared at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Sports Day and Annual day are the two major events of the School.

    All students should compulsorily take part in one program in the Annual Concert i.e. either in dramatics or dance performances. Auditions are held by the Speech and Drama team for the Annual Concert.One race and Mass Drill is compulsory for all students during Sports Day. Parents should cooperate with the school in ensuring participation.

  • Culminating activities connected with the curriculum are conducted during the academic year. Parents are invited to attend the same.
  • Assemblies in the Primary School will be held every month. This information will be published on the Events Calendar which is shared with parents every month.
  • Each class takes a turn to organise and present an assembly during the year and grade levels work together for special assemblies. Our assemblies may also be used to celebrate special cultural events.
  • Field trips and guest lecturer visits are held during the academic year. The school communicates the details of the same to the parents prior to the date of visit.

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