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Visit by scientist

Written by QZ3gpvaWdRA6C

July 17, 2021

Andrea D. Phillott originally from Australia, currently a professor in Environmental Studies at FLAME University graced the classrooms of junior and senior kg this week. Andrea is a researcher in the field of marine biology, conservation, and education, and all those concepts and more came together vividly in her interaction with the children. A voracious reader herself, Andrea used popular literature to inform students about concepts and careers in ecology and the conservation sciences. As expected, the world of storytelling made these concepts accessible to our little ones.

Andrea conducted a very fulfilling session with our Jr. And Sr. Kg learners about the Lifecycle of Sea Turtles and Sea pollution.  Children came away with the knowledge of the distinctive characteristics of sea turtles,  their life span, and the wide varieties they are found in. Andrea patiently answered all the questions that would arise in those little minds, and the session was concluded with a very excited bunch of children all set to explore the waves.

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