Visit by Amanda Schmidt, Geologist from USA

At BHIS, Andheri we believe that in order to cater to our students and to further their knowledge through first hand experiences and interpersonal interactions with experts, we must extend our curriculums beyond the monotony of lectures.Learning Geography and other Social Sciences is to attain an absolute understanding of factual, historical and futuristic knowledge. Continuing with our tradition of focused learning and intending to achieve this enhanced learning we had geologist Amanda visit our grade 8 and 9 virtual classrooms.Amanda’s research mainly focuses on human changes to erosion, particularly through agricultural expansion, and she has also worked on the effects of large storms (and the landslides they cause) on erosion. All of her studies are primarily based on China, Dominica and Cuba.Through an interactive session the geologist catered to our learner’s queries about how Covid-19 has affected geologists and their research work, what are the challenges they face,  laws for this in their home country and what it takes to pursue this career. Amanda also addressed how global warming has affected the climate of the countries around the globe.Not only was this an insightful and enlightening session for our students, but this also gave them a true understanding and perspective towards geology centric careers and research work.

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