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Supernova Achievement

Written by BHIS Team

October 14, 2022

A star that shines very very bright right before its insides explode and spew out brilliantly colored particles. Our tiny Supernovas of BHIS, Andheri let their talent shine and detonate at the competitions that they participated in, at our sister concern school- BHIS, Santacruz. Here are a few competitions that our students participated in and won at Dhriti Rawat, Grade 5 won 2nd Place at ‘Ugga-Mugga’ A mug painting competition, Arnav Nayak of Grade 9 won at the battle of wits at Scrabble- O Mania, securing the 3rd position. Viraj Diwan and Reyansh Bhansali of Grade 4 bagged 2nd and 3rd place respectively at the Bucket Ball. Winning is always a delightful experience and we love to revel in it! Congratulations to all participants and winners! You make us very proud!

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