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February 2, 2020

The annual BHIS Andheri Sports meet came to a glorious end. It was one energetic event, and our students raised the bar beyond our expectations. We were delighted to have Mr. Saul Vazquez Chas, Technical Head, West India of Laliga Football Schools, India, and Mr. Deepak Waman Shinde, first World Mallakhamb champion, 2019, as our esteemed guests for the event. Their appreciation for our SPA program that combines both contemporary and traditional sports was heartwarming.
As the event timeline moved sequentially, it showed that our students proved themselves worthy of every challenge that was thrown their way. Races, yoga, tug of war, Mallakhamb, gymnastics, relay, Taekwondo and so much more made our sports day extraordinary. Thank you, students.
We promise to be bigger and better. Sports have always been a key area of focus at BHIS Andheri.

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