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Ram Leela Dushera

Written by BHIS Team

October 18, 2018

Today, India celebrates Dushera, the symbolism of good triumphing over evil. We all need heroes to look up to, and we all require to believe that in the end, goodness prevails.

As children, we’ve heard stories of Lord Ram vanquishing Ravan, and they remain etched in our memories. Today, at BHIS Andheri our teachers went one step further and enacted the Ramayan, complete with costumes, dialogues, dance and drama. The students were enthralled by their performance and clapped in appreciation. Once the skit was done, we headed to the school grounds where we had the Ravan Dahan at the able hands of our Trustee, Mr Jitendra Dewoolkar. As we set fire to all that stands unwelcome, our students cheered the loudest. A happy celebration that we will remember for times to come.

Dushera greetings to one and all. May peace and happiness grace your homes this festive season.

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