International School in Andheri

Marathi Diwas

Yesterday, our home state celebrated Marathi Diwas and BHIS Andheri followed suit. Marathi Diwas is celebrated on the birthday of the eminent Marathi poet Vi. Va. Shirwadkar on 27th February. Did you know that Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language and spoken by around 83 million people? Now, imagine a world without languages and how it would affect communication. Languages have evolved over civilizations and today it’s so powerful that you just read and understood that piece of history on a hand held device, perhaps. Thank god for all languages, and thank you for Marathi, then.

Coming to the celebrations, our Sr.Kg students decided to teach Marathi to their juniors. Our students, Ruhi Walanj, Reyaansh Bawaskar, Likhita, Aadhya Tupe, Aradhya Tupe and Raya Khade conducted a class in Nursery, Jr. and as the teachers sat back and watched in awe. Did you know that the ability to learn languages is strongest before the age of 10? Happy to see our students doing a good job.

Our Primary and Secondary students celebrated the language by talking about the contribution of eminent Maharashtrian personalities. They sang songs and performed the evergreen fisher-folk Koli dance. They even saw a movie that spoke about all the wonderful men and women who have contributed to the state of Maharashtra in fields of language, literature, science and politics. Our principal, Ms Padma Negi addressed the audience and spoke about how Mumbai is a melting pot of cultures. Similarly, she stressed upon the fact that no matter where you are from, your city and state of residence becomes your identity and hence deserves the pride and respect. And we have to agree. The ‘janambhoomi’ and ‘karmabhoomi’ might not always be the same, but we can never love them less.

Jai jai Maharashtra mazha.