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INFINITE – The Math Exhibition

Written by BHIS Team

March 12, 2021

It all began from zero. Everywhere we look, things and energies are made up of numbers and sequences. Many things present in nature follow the Fibonacci sequence and then we ask, what is the use of numbers or Math in our day-to-day lives? Well, let us count the uses for you.

At the onset of 2021, BHIS, Andheri had its own moment of Eureka! We decided to host an exhibition with the theme- Mathematics. One of its kind and never seen, or heard of before! The entire school united to bring to fruition this magnanimous event, spread over three days, each day dedicated to one section of the school and topics; Day 1 saw the preschoolers present their ideas and concepts of Maths, Day 2 was reserved for the Primary section and Day 3 was dominated by the Middle school and Secondary students. This exhibition sure changed the way everyone looked at Mathematics! For students from across the grades, put in their heart and soul to make this a grand success, which it was! The preschoolers told the audience about numbers through games and other sweet little activities. Primary school, went a notch higher and explained about measurement, fractions and other concepts of Mathematics were dealt with skillfully.

The middle school and secondary section took on more complicated concepts such as Calculations of Latitudes and Longitudes, Transport Centrality, Hydrology and combined Geography, History, Astronomy and other disciplines to describe and explain patterns and geometry of lives, people and things, galaxies and constellations. Tessellation, Trusses, Degrees of Freedom and more were explained with the help of 3D models and top-class presentations.

It was one spectacular event, which guaranteed that no one would now question the usage of Math in day to day life and appreciate how important a role, Mathematics truly plays in our lives!

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