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Global Scientific Journal – Atharva Dangre

Written by BHIS Team

February 8, 2021

Researching and writing can take you places. Research papers have emerged as a good platform for students to gain experience and learn new things from all over the world. Recently, Atharva Dangre, of Grade 9, put together a research paper on Glucose and Diabetes and a way of solving the issue of insulin resistance and inadequacy plaguing a major part of the globe. His research paper got published in the prestigious Global Scientific Journal- a peer-reviewed journal, which is a platform for Researchers and doctors to publish their research work or thesis. People from all over the world can get their work published in this open and accessible to all journals. Atharva based his research on a plant hormone-Abscisic Acid and discussed how it could affect glycolic control by helping to diffuse concentrated glucose which is responsible for the disorder- Diabetes. This study could indeed. Help Scientists and Researchers work out a life-long solution for people who are trying to live with and manage this lifestyle and a genetic disorder.

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