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District Sports Award for Best Coach – Mrs. Usha Dhamnaskar

Written by BHIS Team

February 12, 2021

The true measure of success may not be manifest at first sight. But, taking different pieces and personalities from a cohort, building their strengths, minimizing their weakness, and giving your heart and soul to encourage their athletic inclination is beyond computation. Encouraging your students for victory and teaching them to learn from their defeats is all part of a beautiful journey that a coach ventures upon. Beginning from a time in your life where you are the athlete yourself, reaching a juncture where you touch young lives and inspire them to do better each day, work in a team, and respect every sport and every competitor is much more than happiness and euphoria. A gem as blessed as BHIS, Andheri is happy to withhold on its crown is our esteemed Mrs. Usha Dhamnaskar who has been awarded by District Sports Award for Best Coach by Hon. District Collector Mr. Rajeev Nitavkar (I.A.S) and Hon. District Sports officer Mr. Navnath Fadtare.We at BHIS, Andheri on behalf of our entire team congratulate her years of ardent experience and dedication that have truly made her a meritorious recipient for this felicitation.

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