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Happy French Day to all!

Bonjour! Happy French Day to all! Fête Nationale, also known as The Bastille Day is celebrated on the 14th of July to commemorate the French Revolution and the storming of the fortress of Bastille. Keeping the spirit of this honorary and Gallic Day in mind and the significance of this bombastic and eloquent language, our […]

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Visit by scientist

Andrea D. Phillott originally from Australia, currently a professor in Environmental Studies at FLAME University graced the classrooms of junior and senior kg this week. Andrea is a researcher in the field of marine biology, conservation, and education, and all those concepts and more came together vividly in her interaction with the children. A voracious […]

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7 ways to destress for your child during exams

As exam time nears, the cloud of stress looms large in every household. With so much competition around, children and young adults are often overwhelmed with the workload and the potential fear of how they will perform in exams. While stress is normal during exam time, stressing extremely can hamper the overall well-being of the […]

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