Billabong High International School | School In Andheri

Don’t rush when you brush!

Our pearly whites are essential for a beautiful smile just as they are vital for eating and chewing. Our pre-schoolers had a virtual interaction with Dr. Savla who demonstrated to them the proper way to brush their teeth, showed some important tools used by the dentists, and explained the importance of dental hygiene. They also […]

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Happy Raksha Bandhan from us to you and yours!

They have your back. They fight for you, get into fights over you, pull you out of harm’s way, and save you from mom’s flying slipper. Life is fun when you have siblings. Raksha Bandhan is that sacred day that is dedicated to honoring this bond. At BHIS, Andheri we celebrated this festival in a […]

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What does freedom mean to me?

The pandemic has confined the students to their homes, but it cannot dampen their patriotic spirit and pride for the nation. To instill a feeling of patriotism and to make *our future* (our students) more aware of the innumerable sacrifices made by our great leaders, a special assembly was conducted for the Pre-Primary wing. the […]

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