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Pack your bags and prepare to travel!

Pack your bags and prepare to travel! As an extension of our curriculum ‘Around the world’ our learners at KKIS Andheri were a part of a super exciting session “Young Tourists”. They got an opportunity to virtually meet a travel advisor which not only made their learning more interactive but also exposed them to teachings […]

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Field Trip to the Fire Station

You are never too young to learn. Our playgroup children are learning all about community helpers and how a city functions better because of the people who care for it. So, they set out to visit the Andheri Fire Station, in keeping with the theme. It was a delight to see them interact with the […]

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Visit to Dr. Bhau Laji Dad museum

History teaches us much, particularly about how to navigate our present. Of the many lessons we learned, war is one we must strive to avoid at all costs. Even as we try to comprehend the devastation, part of history does involve studying the archaic and obsolete methods of warfare. Cannons are one such bit of […]

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