Billabong High International School | School In Andheri

Preschool- Adventure Trail

It was time-travel for parents and students when they entered the gates of BHIS Andheri. The Adventure Trail hosted by our Preschool section was based on colourful thematic games and a vibrantly hued world. Our toddlers and their parents had a gala time as they walked the heavily decorated and embellished corridors, classrooms and clicked […]

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Activity on Layers of the Earth

When we think of our beautiful planet Earth we always imagine a blue ball as most of it is covered with water. The question is ‘what lies under?’ Our students of grade 3 got the answer to this question with the activity they performed recently. They built the interiors of the planet with colourful clay […]

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Adventure Trail

Our Adventure Trail event was an amalgamation of everything we do with our children through the year – it was our way of giving parents a glimpse of what the classroom feels like up close. Pre-school is a crucial time in a child’s laugh, and we put everything into making this time colourful and engaging […]

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