Visit to Dr Bhau Laji Dad museum

icse school in andheri

History teaches us much, particularly about how to navigate our present. Of the many lessons we learned, war is one we must strive to avoid at all costs. Even as we try to comprehend the devastation, part of history does involve studying the archaic and obsolete methods of warfare. Cannons are one such bit of artillery.

You must have seen some forlorn cannons at many dilapidated forts across India and wondered how did something like this work to advantage? So did we. Yes, there’s You Tube but nothing beats a live narrative. And so 45 of our students along with 5 teachers and our principal, Ms Padma Negi, headed to Dr Bhau Laji Dad museum for Cannon Tales in collaboration with Steam Academy.

What they came back with was first hand knowledge of a 500 hundred year old technology that was used to create havoc by sheer blunt force impact. Based on the principles of projectile impact, the history, physics, chemistry and engineering of this ancient weapon was fascinating. That’s STEAM at work, then.

History tells us how far we’ve come. We just got to make sure we don’t repeat the bits that do nothing for the betterment of mankind.