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We at Billabong High International School, Andheri understand that choosing the right environment for your child can be a challenging decision to make. Our faculty is here to aid you through that process and ensure you are comfortable. Therefore, understanding the school’s philosophy and guidelines is of utmost importance. BHIS’s parent-student orientation program will assist you in understanding the school’s guidelines and the processes.





CBSE and ICSE are Indian Boards and are content based whereas IGCSE is more Application based.

CBSE board is high as more students from different backgrounds are likely to end up in the same class.

The diversity factor in schools with ICSE Course curriculum is wide, covering a range of topics to explore overall growth of students.

IGCSE is a International Board and is application based. It has a more advanced curriculum and a variety of subjects to choose from.


CISCE prefers to give more practical Knowledge and focus more on analytical skills.

Subject selection options available to students to follow their liking for a particular subject.

The CISCE board has equal focus on languages, science and art and encourages students to choose across diverse topics / subjects for their Class-12 exam.

When you are considering admissions to any University/colleges in India, all the boards are treated equally and the % obtained is common for all. Yes, they will be able to cope up as IGCSE syllabus is also rich in Language, Literature, Maths the ICSE Board.

Yes.We have enough space within our premises to conduct sports like basketball, Martial Arts, skating etc.

PSY 1 and PSY 2 is 1:9 + one support staff

PSY 3 and PSY 4 is 1:12 + one support staffs

Grade 1 to Grade 4 is 1:12 (Homeroom teacher and subject teacher)

Grade 5 to Grade 9 is 1:24

We have a wide range of extra-curricular activities which will be explained in detail by our Admission Officer and can also be viewed on the Website.

All main teachers are ECCED, B.Ed and come with experience.

No. We teach them discipline constructively through examples, counseling etc.

We do have attrition of teachers due to transfers, ill health etc. However, the attrition is not very frequent and very.rarely do teachers change during the Academic year.


Coordinator, Teachers, Co-Teachers, Ancillary staff

We have CCTV cameras on all floors monitored by our Admin staff and access of the same with Principal and Management to counter check Lady Attendant in washrooms and School buses Parent entry to School premise requires a Parent ID.

Yes. They are monitored regularly by our Admin Staff and access of the same is with Principal and Management to counter check.


Co-teacher , Ancillary staff.

Currently we have classes operational till Grade 9. Hence this option may be available at a later stage.

Email, circulars, Whats App group, ERP.

Will be explained in detail at the time of Orientation.

The Fee Structure is a combined package of text books, notebooks stationery etc and hence liable to pay.

A demo class may be arranged by Academics Team at the discretion of the Management as per requirement.

School tours are done on non-working days and post School hours due to security reasons.Parents experience in classroom may be allowed on Special days.

The Fee structure and inclusions will be explained by the Admission Officer in detail at the time of Admission Counselling.

Common Assembly. No prayers said pertaining to any religion.




May explore the option in later years.



Selecting a school for your child is an important task as it lays the foundation for the rest of your child’s future. Keeping this in mind, we at BHIS Andheri, have designed our ICSE and IGCSE school admission procedures to help you understand how you are making the right choice for your child’s education and future by choosing BHIS and its high academic standards.

Before you begin the admission procedure and fill up the application form, we would like to take you through the school’s philosophy and mission.

Our parent-student orientation programme will assist you in understanding the processes and guidelines for our ICSE, IGCSE school admissions, and also answer any queries you have with regards to filling the application form. By following the given guidelines, you will be able to get through admission process comfortably.

Step 1 - Registration

Registration is done at the Front Desk by filling in the Registration Form with the basic details of the Student and Parents to help our Admission Officer to provide you with the appropriate information on the Admission criteria, curriculum as per Grade selected, Fees etc.

Step 2 - Admission Counselling

Admission Counselling is done by our Admission Officer post Registration.This will offer the parents an opportunity to learn about all important school policies, clear their doubts and ask queries related to Age criteria, Curriculum, Transport, Application form etc. Our objective is to make the admission process as easy as possible for you.We wish you success in the admissions process.

Step 3 - School Discovery Tour

Following the registration of prospective students for admission to our ICSE and IGCSE school programme, it is highly recommended that all parents join us on a discovery tour organized by our Admission Department. This will give parents a personalized experience of our school and its philosophies. This will allow you experience the wholesome, world- class and nurturing atmosphere the BHIS family offers all its students.

Step 4 - Purchase Of Admission Kit

All the information you need related to our ICSE, IGCSE school admission procedures and application form is available in the Admission kit. This kit contains important details about eligibility, fee structure and also contains important guidelines on the application procedure. The admission kit is available at the school office at a reasonable price.

Step 5 - Competency Test And Student Interaction

BHIS follows a validated open-entry model for ICSE, IGCSE school admissions at our Andheri center. Admissions are on first come first serve basis and are based on age-eligibility.

After Grade 4, a competency level test is conducted to assess the child’s admission to a particular grade for admission to ICSE and IGCSE. The subjects assessed are English, Hindi, Math and Science.

The results of the tests are used to determine the level of support the school needs to offer to ensure the child’s smooth transition into the new environment.

Step 6 - Submission Of Admission Form And Payment Of Fees

The completed Form along with the required documents has to be submitted along with the Fee payment as per schedule for us to formally confirm the Admission

Step 7 - Welcome Letter

The admission team will send a confirmation email regarding Admission once the Admission formalities have been completed which also includes -

  • The ERP Password
  • Billabox/Skippytech Password
  • SPA Form

Admission Closing SOON

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